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The India Way Pdf








For India, such a scenario raises a host of strategic challenges. Handling that adroitly will be important, especially when approaching it from the perspective of our own interests. Developing the mindset to not only respond but actually leverage that is what could define the new India. The US currently is back to the strategic drawing board as it reinvents itself.





Its interim approach is of greater individualism, more insularity, and sharp retrenchment. This exercise of recalculation is a difficult one because the consequences of its past strategic bets cannot be easily undone. So we hear a potent narrative of unfair trade, excessive immigration and ungrateful allies.





And market access, technology strengths, military dominance, and the power of the dollar now seem to be the ingredients of an emerging solution. Whatever the politics that unfold in America, much of the change is there to stay.





The US-China dynamic that will impinge on the two States themselves and on the world is the global backdrop for Indian policymaking.




The era of benign globalization that facilitated the dramatic rise of China has come to an end. How this came to pass is obviously important; what to make of it even more so. India’s rise has been slower and will now have to navigate difficult waters. We have entered a turbulent phase where a new kind of politics is being fashioned. The issue is not whether India will continue rising; that
vector is reasonably assured. The question is how to do so optimally in an era of greater uncertainty.




For the near term, India has little choice but to pursue a mix of multiple approaches, some orthodox and others more imaginative. But in all of them, partnerships with global interests could make a significant difference.




Much of that would revolve around the West and Russia. But China, now the world’s second largest economy, can hardly be disregarded in any calculation.




Leveraging them all may not be easy but still no less necessary for that. Mastering mind games and playing hardball are also musts in a more visceral world. To do all that, it is vital that we come to terms with its complex dynamics. Only then can India successfully execute strategic policies for a new era…Download the full book from the below link.




The India Way Pdf Download




The India Way Pdf
The India Way Pdf Download




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