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when I was feeling under the weather—and I hadn’t wanted to leave him hanging again. So I sucked it up and showed up, only to get stood up.
The universe had a sense of humor, all right, and it was a shitty one. I finished the rest of my drink and flagged down the bartender. “Can I get the check please?”
Happy the hour had just started, but I couldn’t wait to go home and curl up with the two real loves of my life. Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s never let me down. “It’s already covered.”
When my eyebrows shot up, the bartender tilted her head toward a table of preppy-looking
twenty-something guys in the corner. Likely consultants, based on their outfits. One of them, a Clark Kent lookalike in a gingham shirt, raised his glass and smiled at me. “Courtesy of Clark the Consultant.”…
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Author Ana Huang
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Total Page 458
Language English






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